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Tag Coordinator for Clarkes Elementary

If you have any questions regarding our Talented and Gifted Program, please contact Kendall Krage.  Ms. Krage is our TAG Coordinator and would be happy to answer questions regarding identifying TAG students and supporting them in the classroom.



In 2010, Oregon adopted higher K-12 standards in English Language Arts and Math to ensure all students move from grade to grade with the academic knowledge and skills necessary for success beyond high school. Because the bar was raised for what we expect students to know and be able to do, we have also changed the way we measure student progress through our state tests, known as Smarter Balanced.

For more information on Statewide Testing and Opt-Out Options please click HERE.

Talk to your child’s teacher or school principal if you have questions or want to learn more. Patience and persistence will be required to help our students and schools continue towards success.

To learn more about what your child should know and be able to do in English Language Arts & Math: &

To view sample test questions:
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