November 2015  
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Clarkes Elementary School has a long history of commitment to high expectations, individual attention, and achievement by all. Our staff members work hard to provide the best education possible, as well as producing opportunities for good citizenship, problem solving. Everyone on staff strives to learn the most effective instructional methods and deliver the most relevant curriculum possible.

Cooperation and communication between home and school is necessary for each child's academic and social success. Students are expected to do their work, to follow directions, and to be kind, helpful and polite, just like at home. We hope that throughout their lives, their experience at Clarkes Elementary School will foster a lifelong love of learning and a strong sense of citizenship.


Dear Clarkes Families,

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer. I know that a few of our summer days were exceptionally hot. I can’t wait to hear your children’s stories of how they beat the heat and stayed cool. There are so many adventures that come with summer, that’s what makes time away from school so fun! With that said, there comes a point during summer break that students, families and staff start to look forward to coming back to school. Entering the school year means seeing old friends and possibly making new ones. It also means our minds are about to be stretched with new knowledge and wonder.

Speaking of possible new faces, I need to pause and introduce myself. My name is Kathleen French and I am the new principal at Clarkes Elementary School. I come to you from the Canby School District where I served as an Intervention Specialist at Knight Elementary School. My past role was a cross between a vice principal and school counselor. Before becoming an Intervention Specialist, I had taught 3rd grade, 5th grade , 6th grade and Middle School students for a combined 21 years. This year will mark my 25th year in education. Wow does time fly! I am also a wife to Dwight French and a mom to Lilly (17) and Kate (14) French.

I am so looking forward to the school year and welcoming all of our Clarkes Students and their families. We have been organizing and planning in anticipation of the halls being filled with student laughter and excitement. I believe that every human being holds the potential to have a positive impact on our world. This is the driving force in my commitment to educating every student. One of the most effective ways to ensure our students realize their potentials is to provide them with optimal learning opportunities. These opportunities fall into the categories of both academic achievement and social/ emotional development.

The Clarkes Staff has already established a reputation for their commitment to excellence in guiding students down the path of success. I am very pleased to be part of such a team of students, parents and educators!


Your Principal

Kathleen French

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 School Supply List

-Back to School Night, Thursday Sept.3rd
SLC & ERC Program Families 5:30-6:30pm
All Students and their Families 6:30-7:30pm
*Please bring school supplies and meet your teachers!  We are excited to welcome everyone to a new school year!

-Kindergarten Assessments will take place the first week of school 9/8-9/11.  Parents, please bring your student at their assigned time. If you are not certain when that is, call our front office (starting 8/18).  Full day Kindergarten will begin Monday September 14th!