August 2015  
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Clarkes Elementary School has a long history of commitment to high expectations, individual attention, and achievement by all. Our staff members work hard to provide the best education possible, as well as producing opportunities for good citizenship, problem solving. Everyone on staff strives to learn the most effective instructional methods and deliver the most relevant curriculum possible.

Cooperation and communication between home and school is necessary for each child's academic and social success. Students are expected to do their work, to follow directions, and to be kind, helpful and polite, just like at home. We hope that throughout their lives, their experience at Clarkes Elementary School will foster a lifelong love of learning and a strong sense of citizenship.

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Teacher Appreciation week, May 11-15.
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Full-Day Kindergarten for All Students

Next fall, the Molalla River School District will be offering full day kindergarten at all of their elementary schools.  The Oregon legislature passed a law that proposed funding for full-day programs across the state for those districts that wish to do so.  Molalla River’s School Board voted this winter to do just that. 

Full day kindergarten will give time for teachers to cover the new state standards, and at the same time be able to keep it developmentally appropriate for students.  Besides being expected to cover more rigorous academic curriculum, teachers also need to address social, emotional and behavioral development. 

Children who turn 5 years old on or before September 1st are eligible to register for next school years full day programs.  In order to register, families should attend Kindergarten Roundup in the school within their residential boundaries.   Take with you the child’s original birth certificate, an updated record of immunizations, and proof of address. You will also need  emergency contact information to complete a registration packet.   Call First Student (503-829-2512) if you are not sure which school boundary you live in. 

Kindergarten Roundups are scheduled as follows: 

Rural Dell Elementary-   April 14th  at 3:45pm

Molalla Elementary-  April 15th at 6:30pm

Clarkes Elementary - April 16th at 3:45pm

Mulino Elementary- April 17th  at 4:00pm